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Suspension Ropes

Suspension ropes are used in aerial rope courses to create moving suspended bridges with planks or logs.

We offer a choice of rope to make your suspension ropes to the lengths required by your aerial adventure course.

Rope types available:

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Suspension Ropes


Specifications and resources:

Product name: Suspension Ropes
Product type: Adventure Parks Rope and Netting
Manufacturer: Barry Cordage
Product link:

We also recommend:

np-ptr-c1 - Polypropylene 3-Strand Rope Net
Polypropylene 3-Strand Rope Net
Product Code: NP-PTR-C1

net-tunnel - Suspended Net Tunnel
Suspended Net Tunnel
Product Code: NET-TUNNEL

net-bridge - Net Bridge
Net Bridge
Product Code: NET-BRIDGE

climbing-net - Climbing Net and Obstacle Race Net
Climbing Net and Obstacle Race Net
Product Code: CLIMBING-NET

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