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Eliminating the risk of falling; The first step to working at heights

Eliminating the risk of falling; The first step to working at heights

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Since the beginning, human beings have exposed themselves to the risks of falling from heights. This is not a new phenomenon since danger is an inherent part of the human reality. However, the consequences directly related to accidental falls can be severe for the victim, and the resulting social costs can be enormous.

In the relatively short history of health and safety, protection against falls has been treated in various ways, and with limited success. We were all marked by the magnificent photos taken during the construction of the Empire State Building, which depict workers balanced on structures so high that the paved streets below appear as fine as lace and cars like miniature toys. Yet, with respect to health and safety, this enormous project was a huge success, with the loss of life being relatively low for that era.

When safety belts first appeared as a means of protection against falls, they were considered an extraordinary solution. Criticized for the risks that they posed, they were substituted by the harness, as well as technologies using shock absorbing lanyards.

Today, there is no doubt that the technologies used by workers, developed by well-established companies such as DBI Sala, allow for an unmatched level of safety.

The number of fall-related injuries diminishes considerably when users and their supervisors are competent and well trained in the subject of fall protection and the proper use of fall protection equipment. Despite this, each year, many people lose their lives from falls to the ground or from hanging, suspended in their harness, for extended periods.

User behaviour and lack of supervision result in numerous lethal accidents. Negligence is a universal phenomenon that is not about to disappear any time soon. There will always be delinquents.

Often, we are forced to realize that some people, regrettably, will die, despite using the best equipment for the job, because they did not put into place a proven rescue procedure or, if they did, it was not implemented quickly enough.

We believe that the only way to truly reduce the number of accidental deaths related to falling from heights is to try to eliminate, at the source, the dangers related to working at heights.

Our best service is, without a doubt, the accompaniment of our customers towards the elimination or the reduction of the risks related to falling from heights. To assist our customers in reducing danger at its source, we have at our disposal a diversity of tools, services, and equipment.

Our fall prevention procedure evaluation form, when diligently used, provides a wonderful tool, both simple and efficient.

As part of our fall prevention accompaniment service, we can perform an on-site evaluation of your fall protection equipment needs.

Our fall prevention equipment supply service can provide you with a variety of products, catered to your most specific needs: warning line systems, guardrails and self-supporting gangways, etc.

We offer a complete range of training. Our training programs, which are of various lengths and levels, are geared towards upper management, advisers, supervisors, engineers, or general workers. Whatever your level of expertise, type of work, or level within the organization, we have a program that will suit your needs.