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Water and Ice Rescue Ropes

Water and Ice Rescue Ropes - Barry Cordage

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Water and Ice Rescue Ropes

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Our water and ice rescue ropes are designed to perform in the most difficult conditions.

For enhanced visibility, we added a reflective tracer in the cover of the floating rope.

All our nautical rescue ropes have a stainless thimble at each end and are perfectly finished.

Technical Specifications:

  • Multi-filament polypropylene double braid rope 13 mm (1/2’’)
  • Splices and lashing with stainless steel thimbles at each end
  • Identification label under shrink tubing protection
  • Breaking strength: 2 130 kg (4 700 lbs)
  • Colors available:
    • Red with yellow and reflective tracers
    • Yellow with red and reflective tracers
    • Blue with reflective tracers

#DBO1/2X5     : 5’ length
#DBO1/2X6     :
6’ length
#DBO1/2X10   :
10’ length
#DBO1/2X100 :
100’ length
#DBO1/2X200 :
200’ length
#DBO1/2X300 :
300’ length

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