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Helicopter Longlines and Cargo Nets

Helicopter Cargo Nets

Helicopter Cargo Net frm Barry
Photo: David Baard-LA Helicopters VR/LL course

Underslung helicopter cargo Nets made by Barry are state-of-the-art and reflect our commitment to high quality and safety. Our Cargo Nets and Underslung Nets are made of urethane coated nylon, Dyneema® or Technora® fibers. Barry Cage Code: L3907

They are assembled using knotless Nets, braided or twisted rope, or mil-spec webbing, and come with their own transport and storage bag. Ask about our complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

Helicopter Rope Cargo Nets - Model RNA and RNB - Heavy Duty

Helicopter Rope Cargo Net - 10000 lbs WLL - Model RNB
Helicopter Rope Cargo Net - 5000 lbs WLL - Model RNA

Helicopter Cargo Nets - Model CG and C - Heavy Duty

Helicopter Cargo Net - 5000 lbs WLL- Model CG
Helicopter Cargo Net - 5000 lbs WLL - Model C

Helicopter Cargo Nets - Model BG and B - Medium Duty

Helicopter Cargo Net - 3000 lbs WLL- Model BG
Helicopter Cargo Net - 3000 lbs WLL- Model B

Helicopter Cargo Nets - Model A - Light Duty

Helicopter Cargo Net - 1500 lbs WLL - Model A

Dyneema® is a trademark of DSM. Use of this trademark is prohibited unless strictly authorized.
Technora® is a registered trademark of Teijin Ltd.

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