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Solid Braid Nylon (SBN) Rope

Solid Braid Nylon (SBN) Rope

Manufactured by braiding a 16-strand nylon cover over a parallel nylon fiber core. The parallel fibers impart increased strength and durability to this non-spliceable low stretch cord.


  • Standard color: White, black
  • Spool length: 305 m (1000')
  • Lower stretch due to parallel core
  • Easy knotting
  • Good strength to weight ratio
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Not spliceable


  • Utility cord
  • Tent / tarpaulin cord
  • Flag pole lines
  • Lashing

Product Code: SBN
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Solid Braid Nylon (SBN) Rope


Specifications and resources:

Product name: Solid Braid Nylon (SBN) Rope
Product code: SBN
Product type: Nylon Rope
Manufacturer: Barry Cordage
Product link:
Technical Data Sheets:

Code Diameter
(mm)                    (in)
kg per
lbs per
Average Strength
(kg)                      (lb)
SBN02 1.6 1/16 0.21 0.14 122 270
SBN03 2.4 3/32 0.40 0.27 172 380
SBN04 3.2 1/8 0.78 0.52 272 600
SBN05 4 5/32 1.18 0.79 332 733
SBN06 4.8 3/16 1.51 1.01 489 1 080
SBN08 6.4 1/4 2.30 1.54 662 1 460

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