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5 000 lbs WLL - Barry D.E.W. LineTM - Dielectric Helicopter Longline

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5 000 lbs WLL - Barry D.E.W. LineTM - Dielectric Helicopter Longline

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Barry offers unique, specialized and state-of-the-art helicopter longlines which are used in proximity of energized power sources.

Various materials fabricated with proprietary coatings and technology serve to provide additional safety to workers in this environment.

These specialized longlines, developed to be used on 735 kV in wet or dry conditions, remain dielectric and are easy to inspect and maintain.

The Barry D.E.W. (Dielectric Even Wet) LineTM for high voltage AC or DC is the most advanced helicopter longline available. The ultra-high strength load-bearing synthetic rope is completely encapsulated in a proprietary thermoplastic extrusion resulting in a longline that is dielectric even in humid conditions.


  • Dielectric under wet conditions (Passes all dry and wet electrical tests of ASTM F1701 - 12, IEC62192-2009, IEEE 516-2009 and CAN/ULC S801-14)
  • Tested to 105 KV DC wet and dry over 1 foot sections
  • Sealed construction keeps moisture and dust out
  • No flutter when flying
  • Requires minimal inspection
  • Wear indicator
  • Extremely light compared to steel cable
  • Includes 16 mm (5/8") alloy pear ring at top end
  • Easy storage in provided transport bag

Meets or exceeds standards:

  • ASTM F1701-12
  • CAN/ULC S801-14
  • IEC 62192:2009
  • IEEE 516-2009 (tested to 105 KV DC)
  • ASME B30.12-2011
  • 14 CFR 27.865 and 29.865
  • EASA CS 27.865 and 29.865

Custom Fabrication

  • Rope length
  • Color coded
  • Accessories (rings, hooks, etc.)


  • Increased maximum lifetime of 6 years (4 years at 5,000 lbs WLL plus 2 years at 3,000 lbs WLL)
  • Minimum 7:1 safety factor
  • Permanent ID tag and top-end indicator
  • Certificate of compliance issued with each longline
  • User instructions manual included
  • Complies with U.S. DOI ARA 1406-08-80 and ASME B30.12-2011 Synthetic Rope Longline Requirements

Recommended Option

  • # LLJZ: Longline jacket with single zipper, to integrate electrical wire

Barry D.E.W. LineTM - Helicopter Longline - 16 mm (5/8'')

Working Load Limit: 2 268 kg (5 000 lbs) for 4 years, plus 1 361 kg (3 000 lbs) for 2 additional years @ 7:1
Minimum Breaking Strengh: 15 876 kg (35 500 lbs)

Code Description Weight (100')
BLLNDR-5000 Barry D.E.W. LineTM - Dielectric Helicopter Longline - 16 mm (5/8'') 7.3 kg (16 lbs)
  • Standard lengths: 50', 75', 100', 125' and 150' (Other lengths available upon request)

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