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GuardDod Galvanized Self-Closing Safety Gates

GuardDod Galvanized Self-Closing Safety Gates

The GuardDog self-closing and self-stopping Safety Gate is designed to match top and mid-rail heights of OSHA compliant guarrails, providing maximum opening coverage.


  • Fully compliant with all OSHA standards - 29 CFR 1910.23 (a)(2)
  • Provide maximum opening coverage for OSHA compliant guardrail
  • Laterally adjustable to +/- 3" of the nominal size
  • Easy to install and adjust without a gate stop. Ideal for fixed ladders and work zones.
  • Each gate is capable of swinging in either direction.
  • Gate arm is dimensioned to provide maximum opening coverage. The rails are spaced to match OSHA guardrail regulations.
  • Gate Hoop Compression Clamp ensures quick set-up and makes adjustability a 'snap'.
  • Available in Powder Coat Yellow or Hot-Dip Galvanized

# 500379 : 21" Galvanized
# 500380 : 
27" Galvanized
# 500381 : 
33" Galvanized
# 500382 : 
39" Galvanized
# 500383 : 
45" Galvanized

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    GuardDod Galvanized Self-Closing Safety Gates


    Specifications and resources:

    Product name: GuardDod Galvanized Self-Closing Safety Gates
    Product code: 500379
    Product type: Portable Guardrail
    Manufacturer: Blue Water MFG
    Product link:

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