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Barry Capability Statement


Established in 1978, Barry Cordage Ltd. designs, manufactures and distributes rope, netting and textile systems and solutions. Barry products and solutions are used across the globe, while affiliate company Barry USA Inc. (CAGE 7AHF2) serves the U.S. market.

Our established production processes, materials and techniques ensure that only products of the highest quality leave our facilities. Barry maintains a large inventory of COTS to respond to immediate requirements.

Company Snapshot

Barry Cordage Ltd.
6110 boul. des Grandes Prairies, Montreal, (Quebec) Canada, H1P 1A2
Telephone: +1(514) 328-3888,
+1(800) 305-2673

Barry USA Inc.
874 Walker Rd. Suite C
(Delaware) USA, 19904
Telephone: +1(844) 305-2673

Customer inquiries: Patrick Barry

Barry Cordage Ltd.

  • CAGE: L3907
  • DUNS: 240554428
  • EIN: 98-0611660
  • Industries:
    • Military
    • Helicopter External Load
    • Utilities and Industrial
  • Geographic Focus: Global  

Barry USA Inc.

  • CAGE: 7AHF2
  • Industries:
    • Military
    • Helicopter External Load
    • Utilities and Industrial
  • Geographic Focus: Global  


  • The Company possesses several NATO/National Stock Numbers (NSN) and Airworthiness Certifications. The company offers state- of- the -art dielectric rope and net products for work in energized environments.
  • Manufacturing Capacity: Complete rope, rigging, splicing, net fabrication, industrial sewing capacity and in-house laboratory (break and elongation testing, static and dynamic testing, HV dielectric testing, etc.)
  • Design Capabilities: Barry has the necessary experience and resources to design, fabricate, test and certify highly customized products adapted to specific customer requirements.
  • Extensive Knowledge Base and Product Development Expertise: The Company is competent in standards across multiple industries. (Ref: ANSI, ASME, ASTM, CSA, CE, CI, EASA, D-FARS, FAA, IEC, IEEE, MIL-SPEC, NFPA, STANAG, TC etc.).
  • Turnaround Time: Custom and standard products or solutions can be delivered rapidly when time is a critical factor, due to the Company’s internal design, testing, manufacturing capacity, inventory and the broad expertise of its team.

NAICS Codes:

  • 314991
  • 314999
  • 336413
  • 488320
  • 541380


  • 1670-01-657-2794
  • 4920-01-658-1832

Military Cargo Nets NSN:

  • 1670-20-010-8134
  • 1670-20-010-8171
  • 1670-01-058-3810
  • 1670-01-058-3811

Helicopter Longline NSN:

  • 1670-20-011-8438
  • 1670-20-011-8435
  • 1670-20-011-7607
  • 1670-20-011-8430
  • 1670-20-011-7605

Military Diver Lifeline NSN:

  • 4020-20-006-1958
  • 4020-20-006-1960
  • 4020-20-006-1961
  • 4020-20-006-1962
  • 4020-20-006-1963
  • 4020-20-006-1964
  • 4020-20-006-1965

Core Competencies

Barry designs and supplies synthetic lifting, pulling, containing and deceleration products and systems to civilian and military clients.

  • Helicopter External Cargo Load (NHEC) equipment (longlines, cargo nets, dielectric longlines and nets, etc.)
  • Human External Cargo (HEC) equipment (short-haul lines, bridles, harnesses, etc.)
  • Helicopter Internal Cargo-Restraint Equipment (floor cargo nets, barriers, etc.)
  • Aerial Recovery Kits for rotary-wing, UAS and fixed-wing (M-UMARK, ARK, etc.)
  • Dielectric rope and net systems (ASTM, IEC, IEEE) Many of these products and systems have undergone airworthiness analysis/certification and meet the requirements of various agencies (e.g. DoD, FAA, TC, STANAG/NATO, etc.)


  • Department of Energy
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • Science & Engineering Services
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Aecom/URS Federal Services
  • US Army ATC
  • National Defence Canada
  • United Nations
  • Bell Helicopters
  • Hydro-Quebec