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Knotless Nylon Netting - 300 lb - FN300-0.75

Knotless Nylon Netting - 300 lb - FN300-0.75


  • Knotless (raschel) nets provide a strong and secure construction with a flat and smooth surface.
  • Can be used as trapeze nets, safety and sport nets, B-Nets, scaffolding, fall protection, aquaculture, transport and debris nets.

    Note : We can customize these products and apply urethane or fire retardant coatings as well as dyes.

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    Knotless Nylon Netting - 300 lb - FN300-0.75


    Specifications and resources:

    Product name: Knotless Nylon Netting - 300 lb - FN300-0.75
    Product code: NPNKA
    Product type: Knotless Netting - (Custom Made)
    Manufacturer: Barry Cordage
    Type: Knotless nylon netting
    Mesh size: 0,75 in
    Mesh strength:
    Mesh diameter: 1/8 in
    Finishing: No finishing
    Colors: Black White
    Product link:
    Technical Data Sheets:

    Code Mesh Breaking
    (kg) (lb)
    Cord Diameter
    (mm) (in)
    Square Mesh Size
    (mm) (in)
    (m2/kg) (ft2/lbs)
    Maximum Panel Size2
    (m=x+y) (ft=x+y)
    FN300-0.75 136.08 300 3.2 1/8 19.05 0.75 2.46 12 22.25 73

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