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Webbing Nets and Assemblies

Webbing Nets and Assemblies

Barry can design and manufacture any size of webbing nets, used for transportation and cargo carrying applications (under slung or interior helicopter, plane, trucking, ambulance, racing vehicles). Custom webbing assemblies such as tie-down straps can also be manufactured according to your specifications. The webbing material may be mil-spec if required and connecting hardware is available in stainless, galvanized or plated steel, aluminum or plastic. Webbing nets and assemblies may be tested or certified to meet your requirements.


  • Webbing materials: Nylon, polyester, polypropylene, aramid, UHMWPE, cotton (Other narrow textiles upon request)
  • Webbing width: 13 mm (1/2') to 96 mm (4')
  • Square mesh size depending on application
  • Many connecting hardware options are available to meet your specific requirements
  • Urethane or fire retardant coatings available

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Webbing Nets and Assemblies

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Product name: Webbing Nets and Assemblies
Product code: NP-WEB
Product type: Industrial Safety Netting - (Custom Made)
Manufacturier: Barry Cordage
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