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Heavy-Lift Longline Jacket with Double Zipper + External Helix

Heavy-Lift Longline Jacket with Double Zipper + External Helix - Barry Cordage
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The unique longline jacket with double zipper and external helix offers all the advantages of our double zipper closure with the added anti-vibrating external helix.

By breaking the aerodynamic airflow around the longline, the helix limits the vibrations and oscillations frequently observed on larger synthetic longlines used with heavy-lift helicopters, thus allowing greater flying speed.


  • Double zipper closure offers redundancy for added safety
  • Easy access to the longline for inspections
  • Keeps the longline separated from electrical wire(s)
  • Integral connection to the top of the longline for ultimate strength
  • Protects the longline from abrasion, UV rays and contamination by dirt


  • For longlines over 19 mm (3/4") diameter
  • Made of durable nylon fabric and heavy-duty zipper
  • External helix for vibration control
  • Internal flap protects rope from zipper
  • Top cinch strap incorporates warning label
  • Custom made to closely fit the longline/wire(s) size
    (Contact Barry to confirm model required)
  • Standard color: Fluorescent orange
    (Also available in regular orange, tan, OD green and black)

Also available

  • # LLJZ-HL: Heavy-lift longline jacket without external helix

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