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Synthetic Lifting Beam for Regulator

Synthetic Lifting Beam for Regulator - Barry Cordage

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Synthetic Lifting Beam for Regulator

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Lifting Beam designed for lifting tension regulators used by electricity distribution companies, or for other loads requiring a two point lifting system.

The Lifting Beam is made of a composite material, while the rope is made of low elongation Dyneema® fiber. Height adjustment is made with the adjustable splices.

Tested as per ASTM F711-02 for dielectric withstand test.


  • Bar material: G 10 composite
  • Rope material: 16 mm (5/8’’) Dyneema® fiber
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Reinforced top attachment eye
  • 2 adjustable legs with nylon webbing protectors
  • Height is adjustable from 43 cm (17'') to 74 cm (29'')
  • Width between adjustable legs: 80 cm (31.5'')
  • Working load limit: 3 tons (6 000 lbs), 7:1 safety factor
  • Minimum breaking strength: 19 051 kg (42 000 lbs)
  • Total weight: 21.3 kg (47 lbs)

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