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Basic Fall Prevention Principles Training: 1/2 day

The Basic Fall Prevention Principles Training (for manager or user) session is designed for supervisors, managers, prevention consultants and team leaders. At the end of the training session, participants, with the assistance of a competent person, will be able to participate and manage a fall protection program in their work environment when their duties involve the risk of falling.

NB: Worker oversight by a qualified person is mandatory when putting the techniques into practice.

Level: Fall Protection Authorized Person
Number of participants: maximum of 12
Length: ½ day

Training Themes:

Theme 1: References

  • An Act respecting occupational health and safety
  • Regulation respecting occupational health and safety
  • Safety Code for the construction industry
  • CSA Z259 Standard
  • Internal company policies

Theme 2: Fall Protection Principles and Methods

  • Primary and alternate systems
  • Means of access
  • Elimination of risks at the source

Theme 3: Risk Analysis

  • Identification of risks during the planning stage
  • Identification of risks by users on the ground
  • Evaluation of the height of falls
  • Suspension, self-rescue and rescue trauma

Theme 4: Fall Protection Equipment

  • Seven (7) critical elements
  • Temporary and permanent anchor systems
  • Harnesses, straps as well as retractable and vertical lifelines
  • Prior inspection

Trainer: Marc-André Pilon, Vice President

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Basic Fall Prevention Principles Training: 1/2 day

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