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Pararail Guardrail


Easy and Full Access to Edges of Fall Hazards Employees and Contractors sometimes need complete access to the leading edge of a roof even when there is a parapet in place.

The ParaRail enables users to meet OSHA Regulations for leading edge roof top safety and fall protection safety with a portable guardrail system. You can use the ParaRail System as a fall protection equipment devise. It can be a permanent fall protection device or use it as a portable roof railing and move it to different locations. It provides the economies of a fully portable guardrail system for commercial, industrial and worksite applications including office building, airports, high-rises, parking decks, raised docks, shopping centers, mezzanines, and bridges.

The 'Patent Pending' ParaRail is a non-penetrating, self-supporting system that allows workers full access to a leading edge on a flat roof or the roof's parapet.

ParaRail provides fall protection for a variety of tasks including maintenance for security cameras, antennas, lights, drain cleaning and hoisting of tools and materials. The new system exceeds OSHA Regulations for guardrail (29 CFR 1910.23 and 1926.502).

Catalog of Fall Protection, Rescue and Diving Equipment

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Catalog of Fall Protection, Rescue and Diving Equipment

Catalog of Fall Protection, Rescue and Diving Equipment

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