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Safety Netting and Rope Systems
from Barry Cordage

Helicopter Longline and Cargo Net, Safety Netting and Rope Systems, Fall Protection and Rescue Equipment.

Barry Cordage Ltd. designs, tests and manufactures Safety Netting and Rope Systems for industrial and sport applications that provide solutions for: Lifting and Pulling Loads; Decelerating, Containing and Stopping Loads; Sports and Entertainment Ropes and Nets, and architectural projects. Over the decades, we have built a solid expertise in textiles and conducted countless tests and performance reports aiming to solve complex problems associated with ropes and nets. Click here for more details...

« The Barry Team aims to be a world class leader in finding and adapting solutions to complex problems related to rope and net applications world wide. »

Since 1978, Barry manufactured and distributed a wide range of rope and netting related products and services. Our extended variety of ropes includes ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), nylon and polyester rope, and natural fiber rope such as cotton, manila and hemp. We also provide a complete range of nets including knotless and knotted nets, as well as webbing nets. Our helicopter external load equipment, including helicopter long lines and helicopter cargo nets, are widely used around the world. Barry is also a leader in fall protection consulting, training and equipment supply. We also the Barry B-Net System and diving harness and lifelines for the Professional Diving Industry.

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